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Basic Platform and Development Tool

GEOWAY base platform abstract the common parts within data module, business logic and interface, and combines multiple application scenarios, such as data production, database building and cartography。 The base platform provides a basis for the upper support to build software products。 The SDK is developed based on traditional GIS, and its main contents includedata engine, algorithm processing, business logic, common mechanisms, software framework, basic controls and universal plug-ins。

        GEOWAY Storm adopts cross-platform approach to support different programming languages, operating systems, and hardware types。

    (1) Supportsthe development of interactive editing tools

        The characteristics of interactive editing tools are abstracted, providing the support for software framework, including data engine, data visualization, interface framework, plug-in mechanism, and interactive editing rules.

    (2) Support the development of spatial data processing plug-ins
        Based on the basis functions provided by the platform, multiple functions of spatial data processing are wrapped to plug-ins。 The plug-ins can be shared between different GEOWAY software products。

    (3) Support the development of GIS middleware

        The platform offers a variety of programming languages SDK to support projects and applications. The ability of cross programming language provides the connection between back-end functions, such as data engine, algorithm processing, business logic and basic control, and front-end requirements. 

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