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The Golden Land Project (First Phase)

Golden Land Project and land resources information is an important component of the national information technology, plays a fundamental, public and strategic role in national socio-economic development. Golden Land Project a Land and Resources Informatization construction project for the protection of resources and to protect interests, to support the development and to services in the community, of land resources information technology services engineering community. Through the implementation of the Golden Land Project, being a land and resources management operation system that “seen in the sky, investigation from the ground, control online”, thus, improve the management of land resources and service levels.

Currently, the construction of The Golden Land Project (First Phase) has been completed, B period unfolds gradually。 It will be as the starting point to vigorously promote the construction of Land Resources Information and regulate, innovative land resources management using information technology for Land and resources supervision and participation of the main objectives of macro-control。

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