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Revision and Editing of the New Land Use Planning

General land use planning is the programmatic document for urban and rural construction and land management, and also the basis for controlling land usages and implementing strict land management system. In the “CPC Central Committee on the development of five year plan for national economic and social development of the twelfth proposal”, contents of improving land management system, strengthening planning and controlling schedules have been stressed. It is the fundamental requirement to make further use of land use planning management by accelerating the construction of planning database, promoting scientific, normalized and finely planning management with information technology; it is also the objective need to promote actively law-based administration and government affairs opening and to increase the efficiency and level of land management.

At present, a new round of land use planning in general has entered into approving the implementation phase, a new round of land-use planning revision will be superimposed national land planning data on the basis of database construction of the second survey, to improve “one map” system and to provide basic data to support planning for the management of land resources.

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