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The Second Nationwide Land Resource Investigation

The Second Nationwide Land Resource Investigation is a major national investigationaimed to identify a comprehensive national land use situation, grasp the real land-based data, and implementation of information technology, network management on land survey results. Implement social services on land resources information, to meet the economic and social development, land macro-control and management of land resources as needed. The main task of the second national land survey include: rural land survey, urban land survey, Survey of basic farmland, create a land survey databases etc. On the basis of the survey, establish the mechanism of land resources changes information survey, timely monitoring and fast update.

Annual national land use change survey and remote sensing monitoring, in order to grasp the situation of annual nationwide land use change, ensure that the second national land survey results of the present situation。 In the second survey results, using satellite remote sensing, geographic information system technology, to carry out the land change survey and remote sensing monitoring work in nationwide and update the land survey database, and then meet the construction of "one map of land resources" and the new situation of "land grant, supply, use, supplement and supervision”, also meet the needs of land management daily business。 So as to achieve a significant change in regulatory approach from the “quantitative management of land” to “the spatial pattern of land management”, also further expand the depth and breadth of application of the results of the survey, improve the social service level of Land basis data, and effective protection of land to participate effectively in national macro-control, satisfy urgent need for economic and social development。

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