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Digital City

To provide a unified public platform of geospatial information for the Digital CitiesProgram, a standardgeospatial framework is a must. Construction of such framework can standardize thedata that scatter across multiple departments, integrateand share information, andsimplify the information managementprocess.By the end of 2013,the Chinese National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation hasinitiated the Digital CitiesProgram in 321 cities, and finishedconstructing 190 of them. Geoway has accumulatedlarge amount of experienceduring the past decade throughthe construction of Digital Cities, and comeup with a set of solutions to construct the three corecomponents of thegeospatial framework for Digital Cities: fundamentalgeographic informationdatabases, public platforms of geospatial information, and the applied service systems.

Provider of geospatial information technology Chinese leading

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