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Geoway 3DEditor is a 3D modeling software which implements 2D measurement and editing techniques。 It allows users to import point clouds, vector and image data at the same time。 Precision modeling has be carried out, based on the point clouds of the single building, and can handle common medium and large-scale urban structures。

    ? Supports multiple data sources

    ? Supports a variety of point cloud displays, making accurate identifications of building frameworks in point clouds。

    ? Supports various kinds of point clouds data acquired from different laser scanners, and supports multiple point cloud formats,such as las, acs, txt, xyz, etc。

    ? Supports common format exports, so that exported data can be used in other 3D software

    ? Three-view operating modes are adopted in the software interface. 2D view is used for collecting objects, while the 3D view is used for checking quality reducing spatial visualization requirements. The four views are linked which reduces the difficult of making 3D models

    Digital cities demand a virtual platform, characterized by high-precision, real three-dimensional representations that are measurable and realistic, to manage the city. Traditional 3D city modeling is disadvantaged because it creates a heavy workload and inefficient. Moreover, the effects are not good, affecting the width and depth of the service extent of a digital city implementation.

    Based on a point cloud technique, dense and accurate three dimensional coordinates for buildings can be obtained quickly using airborne laser scanning or ground multi-angle laser scanning. Supported by the software, model building and texture mapping from point cloud data can be conducted effectively, which makes building 3D city models convenient. Dynamic and fast updating guarantee that the persistent and historical features of a fundamental data source for digital city construction are maintained.

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