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As a professional aerial triangulation software for frame imagery, GEOWAY AT (Aerial Triangulation Software)  integrates key techniques appropriate for various aerial data sources based on imagery features, and lowers the dependency on high-quality original data sources。 GEOWAY AT is characterized by broad applicability, superior automation, fast processing and great reliability。

    Distortion correction

    Supports various distortion correction modes for non-metric cameras.

    Supports multiple distortion models to correct distortion parameters to the maximum extent  to reduce image distortion.

    Provides airborne calibration techniques to refine distortion parameters.

    Intelligent aerial triangulation

    GEOWAY AT reduces data preparation time。 Tedious manual tasks, like arraying original images in advance and adding seed points, are not required。

    Generates image networks automatically based on initial POS data or flight route information。

    Supports integrated matching with gross error exclusion and adjustment modules.

    Fig.1 Diagram of automatic tie-points (green: within flight strip; red: among flight strip)

    Flexible adjustment calculation

    GEOWAY AT uses our own adjustment technique。 It does not depend on PATB and Bingo techniques。

    Supports multiple adjustment modes, including GCP-only mode, POS-only mode, and a combined mode.

    GEOWAY AT takes advantage of GPS and IMU data to conduct offset and drift corrections, improving positioning accuracy to the maximum extent.

    Fig.2 Interface of combined adjustment

    Broad data compatibility

    Supports imagery produced from metric and non-metric cameras.

    Does not require the initial POS data or its accuracy.

    Fewer restrictions on image quality, rotation angle size, terrain textures and other factors than other systems.

    Fast processing speed

    Multi-process multi-core parallel processing for maximum use of hardware resources.

    More than five times better performance when compared with conventional aerial triangulation software.

    High-degree of automation

    Automatic matching comes with strong adaptability for areas with weak texture, such as water body, vegetation, or desert regions.

    Provides functions for automatic gross error checking and exclusion, capable of real-time detection, location and fixing for all types of gross errors。

    Predicts points from the first control point.

    Fig.1 Automatic matching tie-points

    High reliability

    GEOWAY AT improves stability of an image network through high tie-point matching degree.

    Generates massive and evenly distributed tie-points, and ensures the accuracy within a pixel for improved network accuracy。

    Provides a robust adjustment algorithm to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the adjustment results.

    Improve the accuracy and reliability of the results with integrated handling of object-space and image-space errors.

    Fig.2 Interface of quality checking and controlling

    Case #1: Processing UAV data with control network adjustment

    Survey area

    Located in Shanxi province, plane-dominated area, about 7KM2

    Data info

    18 flight strips, 359 images taken from Canon digital camera. 4.32GB

    Auxiliary data

    33 GCPs collected from field work, initial POS data

    Product requirement

    Meet the accuracy requirement at a scale of 1:1000


    Memory: 8GB, CPU: 12-core

    Processing times

    Tie-points matching: 50min; adjustment: 15min


    Horizontal RMS error: 0.246m; vertical RMS error: 0.166m

    Case #2: Processing UCLp data with combined adjustment

    Survey area

    Located in Shandong province, hills-dominated area, about 230KM2

    Data info

    10 flight strips, 551 aerial images, 160GB

    Auxiliary data

    9 GCPs collected from field work, initial POS data

    Product requirement

    Meet the accuracy requirement at a scale of 1:2000


    Memory: 8GB, CPU: 4-core

    Processing times

    Tie-points matching: 7hrs; adjustment: 1hrs

    Fig. Diagram of aerial images and GCPs

    Fig. Diagram of automatic tie-points

    Fig。 Report of combined adjustment

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