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GEOWAY Fielder

GEOWAY Fielder adopts a new generation of GIS platform for field data collection。 It solves universality and practicality issues in digital filed surveys, and satisfies paperless requirements。 By integrating 3S technology and 3G communications technology, it provides mobile GIS solutions。 Geoway Fielder is already widely applied in various projects, such as in fundamental national surveying and mapping, the geographical census and digital city applications。

    Integration of Field work and Indoor Work

    Geoway software suites are implemented in the same development environment, which enables Geoway Fielder to seamlessly cooperate with other Geoway software tools. Data generation performance is improved dramatically when integrating field and indoor work.

    Accurate  real-time location

    Geoway Fielder supports the conversion between WGS84 coordinates system (from GPS) and plane coordinate systems (from DLG). Operators can accurately position work location through tracking, matching and displaying real-time GPS coordinates, imagery and vector data.

    Combining Field  and Indoor Work

    Geoway Fielder provides two work modes, including field-scribble mode and indoor mode, to improve performance. Field-scribble mode enables operations to mark graphs, attributes and ground objects in mobile platform.

    Powerful editing tools

    Geoway Fielder offers powerful editing tools for graphs and attributes。  High-speed and high-efficiency attributes entry can be reached with a predefined attribute list, hand-writing input, scribble input, batch-processing, sound recording and pictures。

    Comprehensive data quality checker

    The comprehensive data quality check includes hard-ware accuracy checks and GPS track encryption。

    Field work for aerial surveys。

    Field work for national fundamental surveying and mapping。

    Unified address and point of interest collection for digital city construction.

Provider of geospatial information technology Chinese leading

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