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Point Cloud Data Processing Software

Point cloud data processing software is a processing platform for data acquired from Laser radar and digital photography; developed on the Geoway general platform. The software provides automated filtering technology that can be flexibly adjusted according to the type of ground and surface coverage parameters to extract true ground points when dealing with digital terrain models, reducing manual editing workloads. 

    GEOWAY Feature supports multiple views of point cloud data, such as a top view and perspective views. It supports a variety of point cloud rendering techniques, including elevation grading, elevation continuity.

    Multiple view

    Mulptile rendering

    GEOWAY Feature provides automated filtering technology. Software parameters can be flexibly adjusted according to terrain and surface conditions to filter out non-ground points, such as houses and trees. It provides technical support for terrain data generation and three-dimensional reconstruction.

    Filter parameter configuration

    Before filtering

    After filtering

    GEOWAY Feature provides a series of interactive classification tools, including point cloud reclassification, local filtering, and classification brushes. The classification tool includes a cross-sectional view, and online and offline selection tools to make up for the shortcomings when the  point cloud is not easy to manipulate from the top view to meet user accuracy requirements in point cloud data classification and improving efficiency. 

    Interactive tools

    Cross-sectional view

    GEOWAY Feature provides a batch tool for processing point cloud data, including projection transformation, thinning, and rasterization tools, to meet various user requirements in different scenarios.

    The point cloud data processing platform, developed on the general Geoway platform, supports multiple views, elevation and attribute rendering。 This software inherits the powerful interactive capabilities from Geoway。 It supports interactive point cloud editing and offers a range of simple and practical editing tools, such as local filtering, point cloud reclassification, classification brush and sectional view classification, to meet point cloud classification requirements and provide an effective data processing platform for three-dimensional modeling。 It also provides a tool for batch processing, such as cropping, thinning and rasterization, to meet user needs in different application scenarios。

    Terrain data generation

    Lidar point data classification and editing

    Point data 3D modeling

    Digital city

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