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The 4th GEOWAY CUP Campus Programming Competition Ends

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After 1 year’s intense competition, the 4th “GEOWAY CUP” Campus Programming Competition finally ends up with rich results。 The awarding ceremony was held in Wuhan University (WHU) on June 16th,2013。 The deputy director of WHU, the deputy director of School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering and GEOWAY representatives awarded the prizes for 10 best programs selected from 10 key universities respectively。 Meanwhile, GEOWAY donated the GEOWAY software series worth RMB 23,000,000 to WHU for research center construction。

GEOWAY President Mr.Yang Zhang donating software to WHU

Mr.Yang Zhang giving lecture on the industry development

The deputy director of school and GEOWAY HR manager co-awarding the 1st prize

The deputy director of WHU and Mr. Yang Zhang co-awarding the special prize

All participates and guests posing for a picture

Provider of geospatial information technology Chinese leading

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